“Alias Grace” Star, Sarah Gadon, Posting Pix from Kingston

Published on: 2016/11/10 - in Entertainment Featured

Sarah Gadon – star of the CBC / Netflix mini-series based on Margaret Atwood’s “Alias Grace” – has been posting pix of Kingston to her social media accounts.

The award winning actress has been providing her fans with a window into the series’ production on her Instagram account since day one in mid-August, and is continuing with photos from Kingston Penitentiary and of the waterfront while in the city to continue filming.

Scenes for “Alias Grace” are being shot inside the KP and parts of King Street where sections of the road have been shut down between Tuesday and Friday.

Below are a few photos taken earlier in the production followed by the recent photos from Kingston.

Canadian actress Rebecca Liddiard and Sarah Gadon celebrate Thanksgiving in their Alias Grace wardrobe…


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Happy #canadianthanksgiving from Grace & Mary #aliasgrace @rebeccaliddiard

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A week earlier, Sarah gave fans a (speedy) look at a corset being laced up…


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Lacing up #aliasgrace 💥

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Now in Kingston, Sarah snapped this photo of the city’s marina…

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Sarah’s black and white photo of Kingston Pen sets the mood of her character’s incarceration there in the mid-1800s…

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Kingston #aliasgrace

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A colour photo that shows one of the guard towers at Kingston Penitentiary…

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Grace Mark’s cell in “Alias Grace”…

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Grace and her cell

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Sarah has posted some new photos from her shoot in Kingston!

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Interior Kingston pen #aliasgrace

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Original tunnels under the P for W (Prison for Women).

The now-closed prison was operational from 1934 until 2000.

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UPDATE November 14th: Aaaaaaand they’re done!
Look for Alias Grace on CBC & Netflix in 2017.


Kingston Penitentiary is where the real Grace Mark was incarcerated after her murder conviction – a time when both men and women (and children) were imprisoned there.

This isn’t the first movie to film scenes at Kingston Penitentiary. 1978’s Superman featured the hero delivering Lex Luthor and his henchman to prison for the film’s final scene shot inside the KP (video).

Sarah Gadon was born in Toronto and began her acting career at the age of 10 in an episode of La Femme Nikita, which later also filmed scenes for an episode in Kingston.

She has since appeared in a wide variety of roles in television series, mini-series and movies – including this year starring opposite James Franco in Stephen King’s “11.22.63“.

You can see more of Sarah’s Alias Grace photos on her Instagram account (look for posts with #aliasgrace) and on Twitter.

Along with Sarah Gadon, “Alias Grace” stars Anna Paquin, Paul Gross, Zachary Levi, Edward Holcroft, Kerr Logan, Rebecca Liddiard, and Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg. There will also be a cameo by acclaimed Alias Grace author, Margaret Atwood (who also wrote Handmaid’s Tale, now an Emmy award winning series on Hulu).

The series is written and produced by Sarah Polley and directed by Mary Harron.  It will be broadcast in Canada on CBC and globally on Netflix beginning November 3rd.

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UPDATE: Kingston Penitentiary has been opened for public tours since its closure in 2013.

As announced by the city’s mayor, these tours will begin once again in spring 2018 – likely starting in early May and continuing to October.

For more information, visit kingstonpentour.com


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Top photo source: Sarah Gadon on Instagram