Celebrate Earth Day at Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area

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Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area

The public is invited to attend Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area on Saturday, April 22nd to celebrate Earth Day.

It begins at 2 pm with a shadow puppetry performance by the acclaimed children’s shadow puppetry troupe, Full Moon Puppetry – a group of students from the Grade 7 & 8 class at Mulberry Waldorf School in Kingston.

Full Moon Puppetry will be presenting a story of “a brave mouse who journeys to a far away land, helping many other animals in need along the way”.

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After the show, everyone will be invited to gather with local First Nations teacher Paul Carl to cleanse mind and body, and to offer good thoughts for Mother Earth as part of a special smudging ceremony.

Through this process, we allow the smoke to rise up to Father Sky and the Eagle takes those thoughts to the creator for a healthier Mother Earth and all of our relations on her.

The Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area is located at 1641 Perth Rd (Division Street N) two kilometres north of Highway 401.

Entry fees are $5.50 per person for adults and children over 12, and $3 per person for children 12 and under, to a maximum fee of $14 per car. Annual passes are available for $80 per year.

For more information about the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority, visit www.crca.ca or call (613) 546-4228 x 500 or toll free in the 613 region at 1-877-956-CRCA (2722).

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