2 Shadows Bringing the Metal to Overtime

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On Wednesday 9th May, Vancouver-based metal band 2 Shadows will headline their first show in Kingston at Overtime Sports Bar on Bath Street.

The band, which consists of singer Mike Horvath, guitarists Tryst Germaine and James Holder, and Sterling Paterson on drums, is stopping in Kingston as part of its month-long ‘Feed the Obscene’ tour of the country that begins in their home province on April 27.

2 Shadows, who some compare to Slipknot or Five Finger Death Punch, have been praised for their unique showmanship and style of metal, something which finds its roots in their name.

“The name derives from the fact that everyone has two sides to them: the negative and the positive,” vocalist Mike Harvath explained in an exclusive interview with the Herald. He said: “It kind of has a double meaning. Either you can take the negative side and roll with it or you can overcome the negative sides of your life and bring out the positive shadow. I’ve always been really big on overcoming adversity and being independent from fear.”

“It also allows us to write about the positive and the negative aspects of life,” added Harvath.”We can write songs that are super dark – I don’t want to say depressing because everything we write has a little bit of hope – but we can also write partying tunes. The sort of thing you can go and have a little fun with.”

The singer thinks the people of Kingston are in for a surprise at the Overtime Sports Bar next month, as 2 Shadows bring two never-before-performed songs to Kingston. He told the Herald that Kingston should be ready for a high energy and high performance show.

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“Expect a lot of energy, a lot of bouncing, it’s definitely a positive vibe,” Harvath enthused. “At every show, I always say you leave your negativity at the door and only bring your positive attitude. Ultimately, everyone’s there for the same reason, which is to listen to some rock n roll and have a good time. Hopefully, by the end of the night, you’ll be covered in sweat and wearing some 2 Shadows merch.”

The tour will be the longest the group has ever been on the road, something which naturally has created a few nerves as they head out East for the first time in their lives.

Mike described the group’s emotion ahead of their first ever Kingston show, saying: “There’s a few nerves because we’ve never been out this long before; we’ve done road trips before but this is certainly the longest tour we’ve ever done, so a few nerves there. Most of it, though, is just excitement.

“We get to see a part of Canada we’ve never seen before. We get to play for people we’ve never had the chance to play for before. The most exciting part about it is being able to meet all these new people, shake a bunch of hands and hopefully make some new fans along the way.”

2 Shadows will play their first-ever Kingston show at Overtime Sports Bar (1677 Bath Road) on May 9th along with Kingston bands Hail the Slain and The Albino Structure.  Doors open at 7:30pm and the show starts at 8pm. Ticket price to be announced.

Photo: 2 Shadows