Get Set to Audition for the Dragons’ Den

Published on: 2019/02/05 - in Entertainment

Dragons’ Den will be holding open auditions in Kingston on Friday, March 22 as the successful CBC television series scours the country to find the next big business ideas to feature on the show.

UPDATE: Location and times have been announced: Auditions will be held at the Ambassador Hotel, 1550 Princess St. from 10am to 4pm.

Michele Romanow
Queen’s University Dragon, Michele Romanow

Successful Kingston applicants who move on to the show might end up pitching their idea to a Dragon who also lived in the city when she was a student at Queen’s University – Michele Romanow (Sc’07, MBA’08).

Romanow launched her first business at Queen’s – The Tea Room, a zero-consumer-waste coffee shop – while studying at the university in 2006. She later went on to create other companies, including co-founding, one of Canada’s top daily deal sites.

The Queen’s University alumna has been featured on the list of 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada and she was the only Canadian chosen by Forbes as one of the top 20 most disruptive “Millennials on a Mission“.

Anyone interested in auditioning should check out the Dragons’ Den cheat sheet page, which includes these tips about what show producers are looking for:

  • The opportunity: Identify the opportunity for the investor. What’s your competitive edge? Why is this the next great deal, and why are you the entrepreneur to invest in?
  • The story: It’s the human connection in a world of financials that producers are looking for. There’s always a story behind your motivation, a story behind the lightbulb moment. Something that people can relate to and make them want to find out more.
  • The passion: Don’t come to an audition and press play on a video and hope that it speaks for you. Producers are looking for the most passionate, energetic presenters, and people who could spend hours discussing every detail of their fascinating business.
  • The money: Dragons are looking to invest in legitimate opportunities. The Dragons want to put their dollars to work, they don’t want to do the work for you. Producers need to know what this deal will do for YOU. Why do YOU need the investment? Be sure to highlight exactly why you need an investment and what you plan to do with the money.
  • The TV show: Put your best foot forward. This is television, not PowerPoint! Talking about stats and forecasts can get a little dull. Ask yourself: what’s going to make millions of new customers stay glued to their TVs to find out about YOUR product or business? How will your pitch stand out? Think of some entertaining elements that could help your pitch stand out at auditions and in the Den.

Audition now or find out more about the show at the Dragons’ Den Auditions 2019 page.