Enjoy Autumn Scenery at Fall Colours Weekend

Published on: 2018/09/24 - in Entertainment

Autumn leaves

The Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA) is welcoming the community to its Fall Colours Weekend on Saturday October 6 through to the following Monday.

During that Thanksgiving weekend, visitors are invited to enjoy the autumn scenery while walking or hiking the Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area trails between 9am and 4pm.

CRCA staff will be there to suggest routes and provide maps and the public is also welcome to buy a mug of cider or snack at the Outdoor Centre while enjoying the view from the West Hall.

“In the Cataraqui Region there are few things as awe-inspiring as the natural splendour of fall foliage, when the leaves on many species of trees change from green to radiant reds, oranges and yellows.”

The Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area is located on Division Street just two kilometres north of Highway 401. Entry fees are: $5.50 per person for adults and children over 12, and $3 per person for children 12 and under, to a maximum fee of $14 per car. Annual passes are available for $80 per year. We accept cash, tap-enabled debit cards and tap and chip credit cards at the gate and snack bar.

For more information about the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority, visit www.crca.ca.

Photo: PixaBay (cc)