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Kingston Police Board Rejects DNA DataBank

The Kingston City Police board members have rejected participating in the proposal by abother eastern Ontario board to create a DNA DataBank tht will include samples from every Canadian. In January, the North Grenville police board passed a resolution to recommend all such provincial boards lobby the provincial and federal governments to establish a DNA… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Manufacturing Solar Panels Lucrative for Government

Solar power manufacturing makes good business sense for governments, according to a Queen’s University Applied Sustainability Research Group. Their report argues that Canadian and Provincial governments could spend $2.4 billion to build a large scale solar photovoltaic manufacturing plant, then give it away for free and still earn a profit in the long run. The… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Queen’s Announces Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Development

A unique research tool that can better detect loss of a gene critical in fighting cancer has been developed at Queen’s University. The technology was developed over two years by Dr. Jeremy Squire and his research team at the Queen’s Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine. An important aspect of the technology focuses on determining… Keep Reading

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Ontario Government Gives Kingston $80K to Go Green

A community-based, youth-led social marketing program at St. Lawrence College is receiving $64,750 to help Kingston go green. The program has the goal of making Kingston the most sustainable city in Canada through curriculum activities, door-to-door campaigns and pledges to reduce carbon consumption. Kingston’s Alternative Energy Cluster, SWITCH, will also receive $16,728 to organize the… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Queen’s U. Invests in Oshawa Medical Training Facility

Queen’s University is investing $1 million towards construction of a new health-care training facility at the Lakeridge Health Oshawa hospital. According to David Walker, dean of the faculty of health sciences of Queen’s University, the initiative will help Queen’s and Lakeridge Health instruct the next generation of health-care providers. The Lakeridge Health Education And Research… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Arthritis Linked to Unequal Leg Length

A new Queen’s University study reveals that arthritis in the knee is linked to the common trait of people having one leg that is longer than the other. Although it has not be proven that differences in leg length directly causes osteoarthritis, the results may enable people to take preventive measures before the chronic and… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Axio Power Awarded 90 MW Solar Project

Large-scale utility solar developer Axio Power announced that it has been awarded 90MW of distributed, ground-mounted solar power projects by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) Feed-In Tariff program.  The program is an initiative of the Province’s breakthrough Green Energy and Economy Act. An additional 50 MW of projects for Axio Power is pending final approval,… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Queen’s Prof Turns Cooking Oil Green

Queens University Professor Philip Jessop says his unique solvent might revolutionize the manufacturing of cooking oil. The solvent he invented extracts oil from soybeans when combined with carbon dioxide.  This is a far better method environmentally when compared to the industries’ current manufacturing process for cooking oils, which uses  hexane – a cheap, flammable solvent… Keep Reading

Queen’s University Discovers Space Invaders

Dr. Terry Bridges, an astronomer at Queen’s University, has discovered that as many as one quarter of the star clusters in our Milky Way are invaders from other galaxies. The study – co-authored by Duncan Forbes of Swinburne University of Technology in Australia – was recently accepted for publication in the Monthly Notices of the… Keep Reading

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