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Science & Tech

Queen’s University Hosts SailBot 2010

The 2010 World Robotic Sailing Championships and SailBot will be held from June 7 to 10 and hosted by Queen’s University. Self-navigating, autonomous sailboats will be designed, built and programmed by competitors for testing at the events. The two international engineering design competitions will be held at the Kingston Yacht Club, just west of the… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

SwitchGreen to Help Farmers Profit from Grass

Ian McDonald, applied research co-ordinator for the Field Crops Unit at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, is researching new high-yield crops for the province’s farmers that have the potential to be sustainable and profitable. McDonald is seeking crops that could be planted in areas unsuitable for traditional crops like corn and… Keep Reading

Bombardier Kingston to Design Saudi Monorail Trains

Bombardier Inc. reports it has signed a $241 million contract to provide monorail trains to Saudi Arabia. The Kingston facilities will engineer and design that trains, which will be then manufactured at its Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania factory. The contract is to build, operate, and maintain a monorail system in the capital of Saudi Arabia.  That 3.6-kilometer… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

St. Lawrence College Expands Sustainable Energy Research

St. Lawrence College in Kingston is one of twelve colleges that is to work with their communities and local businesses to move new research developments from their campuses into the marketplace. These partnerships will develop innovative environmentally-friendly technologies to reduce water contamination, advance emerging solar technologies and clean up heavy metals from residential and industrial… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Queen’s Discovery May Lead to Cleaner Water

A Queen’s University discovery is being heralded as a breakthrough in helping reduce health hazards like E. coli in water, and may also make chemicals and drugs such as insulin cheaper to manufacture and more environmentally friendly to produce. Biochemistry professor Zongchao Jia and post-doctoral student Jimin Zheng discovered exactly how the AceK protein acts… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

GreenCentre Canada Attracts Over 100 Green Chemistry Research Proposals

GreenCentre Canada, a Kingston-based organization, announced that it has surpassed over 100 invention disclosures from Green Chemistry researchers across Canada. So far, GreenCentre Canada, whose slogan is “Changing chemistry, changing the world,” has attracted a total of 110 technologies from 25 academic research institutions across nine provinces. These technology disclosures are the first step in… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Queen’s-RMC Leading Fuel Cell Research

The Queen’s-RMC Fuel Cell Research Centre (FCRC) located at Innovation Park has been recognized for its international reputation when it comes to inventions for new fuel cell product development. FCRC researchers are working with partners from Norway, the USA, Germany, and Brazil on innovative concepts for making fuel cells more reliable and affordable. It has… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Kingston Process Metallurgy Invests $1.2 Million

The Ontario government is assisting a Kingston technology company to expand its operations, as well as create jobs in the community and purchase new equipment. Kingston Process Metallurgy (KPM) – which improves the processes for extracting and purifying metals for its customers – is investing over $1.2 million to relocate from Innovation Park to a… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

School Partnership Builds Working Miniature Wind Farm

A joint school project has built a working miniature wind farm of more than 60 functioning wind turbines. Students from Frontenac Secondary School, J.R. Henderson Public School, Welborne Avenue Public School, and Module de l’Acadie were involved in designing, testing and building propellers and towers to create an electrical power output from the model. The… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Lab to Analyze Confederation Place Hotel Concrete

Samples from the Confederation Place Hotel’s concrete have been extracted and are being sent to an Ottawa lab for analysis. They hope to determine if it was a factor in the recent partial collapse of its underground parking garage and whether it can be stabalized and repaired. Bill Allinson, the hotel owner, has stated he… Keep Reading

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