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Science & Tech

Queen’s Researchers Receive Accelerated Funding

The Federal Discovery Accelerator Supplements (DAS) program has announced that five Queen’s researchers are each receiving $120,000 over three years to quicken the pace of progress and maximize the impact of their work. Chemistry Department Professor Cathleen Crudden is researching organic synthesis and materials chemistry via catalytic organoborane chemistry. Michael Cunningham of Chemical Engineering will… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Lafarge Cement Plant to Reduce CO2 with BioMass

Lafarge’s cement plant in Bath, Ontario, has been working tirelessly in the pursuit of carbon emission reduction strategies and has planted multiple energy crops that may eventually contribute to a segment of the 110,000 metric tons of coal and petroleum coke that the plant goes through as fuel each year. Lafarge environmental and public affairs… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Many Comets Formed Outside Our Solar System

Queen’s University astronomy professor Martin Duncan, and an international team of astronomers, have discovered that many of the comets observed from Earth – including well known comets like Halley, Hale-Bopp and McNaught – may have been formed in orbit around other stars and not our own sun. Using computer simulations, researchers demonstrate that the Sun… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Researcher Using Polymers to Rebuild Human Tissue

A Queen’s University chemical engineering professor, along with scientists from the University of Western Ontario and University of Toronto, is researching the development of using microscopic polymer fibers to help rebuild human tissue and increase the healing process. Professor Brian Amsden says he hopes that in 10 years a tendon, spinal cord or heart valve… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Queen’s Prostate Cancer Study Reveals Best Treatment

A new NCIC Clinical Trials Group study conducted at Queen’s University reveals that combining radiation and hormone therapy in patients with high risk prostate cancer significantly improves the likelihood of patients living longer. Wendy Parulekar, an associate professor of oncology at Queen’s and a Physician Coordinator at the NCIC CTG, described the results as having… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Former Queen’s Student’s Rocket Reaches Orbit

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk – a former Queen’s University student – said Friday’s test launch of their Falcon 9 rocket successfully completed its mission to deposit the Dragon mock-up space capsule into a 250-km (155-mile) orbit. The successful launch is the latest step toward the future of commercial space travel and to eventually ferry astronauts… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Queen’s University Hosts SailBot 2010

The 2010 World Robotic Sailing Championships and SailBot will be held from June 7 to 10 and hosted by Queen’s University. Self-navigating, autonomous sailboats will be designed, built and programmed by competitors for testing at the events. The two international engineering design competitions will be held at the Kingston Yacht Club, just west of the… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

SwitchGreen to Help Farmers Profit from Grass

Ian McDonald, applied research co-ordinator for the Field Crops Unit at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, is researching new high-yield crops for the province’s farmers that have the potential to be sustainable and profitable. McDonald is seeking crops that could be planted in areas unsuitable for traditional crops like corn and… Keep Reading

Bombardier Kingston to Design Saudi Monorail Trains

Bombardier Inc. reports it has signed a $241 million contract to provide monorail trains to Saudi Arabia. The Kingston facilities will engineer and design that trains, which will be then manufactured at its Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania factory. The contract is to build, operate, and maintain a monorail system in the capital of Saudi Arabia.  That 3.6-kilometer… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

St. Lawrence College Expands Sustainable Energy Research

St. Lawrence College in Kingston is one of twelve colleges that is to work with their communities and local businesses to move new research developments from their campuses into the marketplace. These partnerships will develop innovative environmentally-friendly technologies to reduce water contamination, advance emerging solar technologies and clean up heavy metals from residential and industrial… Keep Reading

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