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Study links eye floaters, light flashes to retinal tear

From the Archives of Queen’s University November 24, 2009 — Suddenly seeing floaters or flashes of light may indicate a serious eye problem that – if untreated – could lead to blindness, a new study shows. Researchers from Queen’s University and Hotel Dieu Hospital in Kingston have discovered that one in seven patients with this… Keep Reading


Antiques Roadshow airs Queen’s episodes

From the Archives of Queen’s University Tuesday November 22, 2005 — They came, they saw, they appraised. Now tune in to discover the treasures unearthed by Antiques Roadshow appraisers during their search-and-describe mission at Queen’s University. Earlier this year, CBC television’s popular Antiques Roadshow program stopped at Queen’s campus as part of its cross-Canada tour.… Keep Reading


Sexual Harassment Bad for Victims and Business

From the Archives of Queen’s University Wednesday June 22, 2005 — Although sexual harassment in the workplace has been studied extensively, virtually all the research has focused on its effects on individuals. Now a study breaks new ground by investigating whether sexual harassment is linked to better or worse performance by an entire team that… Keep Reading


Researchers invent computers that “pay attention” to users

From the Archives of Queen’s University Tuesday April 01, 2003 — New devices use eye contact to prioritize, sense needs, and wait their turn (Kingston, ON) – With increasing numbers of digital devices vying for our attention and time today, researchers from the Human Media Lab (HML) at Queen’s University have developed a new concept… Keep Reading

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