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New Hospital Disinfection Technology Effective in Killing Bed Bugs

A Queen’s University infectious disease expert has collaborated in the development of a disinfection system that may change the way hospital rooms all over the world are cleaned as well as stop bed bug outbreaks in hotels and apartments. “This is the future, because many hospital deaths are preventable with better cleaning methods,” says Dick… Keep Reading


Queen’s Study: Solar Power Cheaper to Produce than Most Analysts Realize

The public is being kept in the dark about the viability of solar photovoltaic energy, according to a study conducted at Queen’s University. “Many analysts project a higher cost for solar photovoltaic energy because they don’t consider recent technological advancements and price reductions,” says Joshua Pearce, Adjunct Professor, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. “Older… Keep Reading


Queen’s U. Bleeding Disorder Experts Named Researchers of the Year

Queen’s pathology and molecular medicine professors Paula James and David Lillicrap were named Researchers of the Year by the National Hemophilia Foundation in Chicago for their work in helping to improve the lives of patients living with bleeding disorders. The pair earned the distinction for their ongoing clinical, translational and basic studies of the inherited… Keep Reading


Invading Shrimp Being Consumed by Great Lakes Fish

The latest invader of the Great Lakes—Hemimysis anomala, or more commonly the bloody red shrimp after its bright red spots—may become a new food source for fish, allaying concerns about how it will impact native fish populations. “Forecasting how an invader will affect the growth and production of a specific native fish species is very… Keep Reading


University: Second-Generation Ethanol Processing is Cost Prohibitive

Costs for second-generation ethanol processing, which will ease the stress on corn and sugarcane, are unlikely to be competitive until 2020, according to a unique Queen’s University study. “This study really lays out in black and white where we are and where we are going,” says Warren Mabee, an assistant professor in the School of… Keep Reading

Science & Tech

Kingston’s Performance Plants R&D to Boost Chinese Cotton Yields

Kingston’s Performance Plants Inc. (“PPI”) – a leading global agricultural biotechnology provider – and Biocentury Transgene (China) Co. Ltd.  have signed a commercial license agreement giving Biocentury the exclusive rights for PPI’s Heat and Drought Tolerance Technology (“HDT™”) in cotton in China.  The agreement was signed on November 10th in Shenzhen, China. With this agreement,… Keep Reading

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