The Kingston Herald is now offering banner advertising. Ads appear on every page of our website and are not in rotation.

Please note: the Kingston Herald is an online-only news site. There is no print version at this time.

Also, we are located in Kingston, Ontario Canada.  Not the cities of Kingston that are located in Jamaica or the United Kingdom.

Top right page banner, beside ‘Kingston Herald’ header (300 pixel width X 100 pixel height banner)
$125 per week / $450 for a calendar month.

Right column (300 w X 250 h banner)*
$100 per week, or $400 for a calendar month.

* Right column banners will be displayed in order based on ad contract length, renewals, and chronology.

Additional advertising options may be proposed.

Feel free to contact us for placements that appear already filled, as  that particular contract may be about to expire or has been arranged in a manner that could allow for your substitution.


Interested parties should use our contact page to request ad placement or for further information.